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Update & Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is the process of keeping a website up-to-date and running smoothly as well as performing optimally. Website maintenance includes tasks like ensuring all the links on your site are working, regularly updating content, and fixing any broken links. It also involves more general housekeeping tasks like backing up your site regularly and monitoring your site's performance.

Why Is Site Maintenance Necessary?

Website maintenance is important for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that it keeps your website functioning properly. However, there are other reasons to maintain your website on a regular basis, such as keeping your site looking fresh and updated, ensuring that visitors have a good experience when they visit and improving your SEO ranking.


    Routine Website Maintenance

  • Backup Your Site
  • Check for Updates
  • Dig Into the Analytics
  • Don't Neglect Your Content
  • Use Your Site as a Customer Would
  • Perform Formal Usability Testing

Benefits of Website Maintenance

If you want to maintain your site and ensure it runs smoothly for visitors year after year; then you need to take care of the little things that keep your site running smoothly.