Clear water pumps

Clear Water Pumps

Clear water pumps

These Open well submersible pumps are not only unique in design, but are verycompact, sturdy & are highly reliable.

Here we offer pumps up to 120 HP & head range up to 140 mtrs. Clear waterpump comes with mechanical seal & ball bearing designs & thus can be installedin inclined position as well. These pumps can be customized for Oil filled motorsor Air filled motors designs as well.

Clear water pumps are ideal for various applications such as agricultural,domestic, industrial, municipal etc..

The uniqueness of these submersible clear water pumps is that they are verycompact, can be installed in inclined position as well and can offer head up to140 m in maximum 4 stages.


  • Pumping of water from underground tanks to overhead tanks.
  • Firefighting application.
  • Gardening.


  • All Kind of Clear Water transfer.
  • Supply of water for Coolants.
  • A. C. Plants & Cooling Towers.
  • Hospitals & hotels.


  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Gardening


  • Municipal Water Supply.
  • Village Water Supply.
  • River Water Pumping.
  • Dams / Canals Pumping.


  • Farming.
  • Supply of water from OpenWell.
  • Sprinklers & Drip Irrigation.
  • Canal/Dam/River water pumping.

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